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Welcome to Harper's

the best in hair accessories from girls, to girls

I’m Harper and I’m 4 years old. When I was 3 I opened a lemonade stand and made lemonade with my Daddy. I really had fun and wanted to do more. I watched my Daddy work and asked him if I could do something that I loved too. I love my hair and all the hair accessories I have. I really wanted to share that with you, too. 

Who I am

I’m Harper & I’m 4 years old. I was born in England but I have lived my whole life in France. I go to French school & live with my Mummy & Daddy, my 2 big brothers & my 2 puppies.

I really love making my hair look sparkly and pretty. My Mummy does the BEST plaits. 

Why Me?

I love having my hair done (unless there are knots in it, then it does hurt sometimes) but then I get to pick which bow, hair band or bobble I can have in my hair that will match my outfit. 

I wanted to share this with everyone, as everyone should feel the best they can, all day, everyday. 

Where we are

I live in France, which is really cool. I get to speak French & English which is fun but sometimes hard too! 

My Daddy says we can send you hair bands, bows & bobbles wherever you are. I will let him & Mummy do this part. 

We do all of these:

see all the different types of hair accessories we do below

I am helping my mummy make you handmade bows and also pick the most sparkly & glittery hair accessories we can find! Only the best for my site.

My Story

I really wanted to make a lemonade stand. I saw it on one of my favourite television shows. They needed to fix a broken slide and they couldn’t afford it, so they made a lemonade stand. I asked my Mummy and Daddy if I could. They helped me made the lemonade, but I did it too! I made a stand out of a BIG box and wrote my name and the name of my lemonade stand on it. I sold all my lemonade to my family and friends but not many people live near me, so I couldn’t sell as much as I wanted to. I tried to then sell my toys to my family but they didn’t want them. 

I spoke to my Daddy and asked him if I could do something that I really loved and would he help me? He said YES and helped me build Harpers! So now I work with my Mummy to make bows and hair bands and bobbles and all things for your hair to make your days sparkly and bright.

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